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How it Works

  • 1) We provide the SolBatCom device
  • - device includes power (solar + battery) and communication (mobile network or WiFi)

  • 2) We connect the SolBatCom device to your sensor
  • - either you already have a sensor OR
    - we can work with you to find an appropriate sensor for your application

  • 3) Login to our website to view and download your data!
  • - Click here for an example from one of our environment monitoring projects

About Us

Bespoke Sensor Applications was created to enable others to benefit from our knowledge of electronics and energy systems. The Bespoke Sensor Applications creator, Thomas, works in renewable energy research and builds and designs the sensors in his spare time.

We have excellent experience and knowledge of the components we work with with multiple years of field trials. We have a passion for doing a good job on every project we work on.

The recent affordability of microprocessors and other electronic components has made the Bespoke Sensor Applications possible. The continuing trend for more sensors and data will enable Bespoke Sensor Applications to grow.

Case Studies

Southampton Climate Conditions

Monitoring the climate conditions (temperature, humidity and pressure) at two locations in Southampton. One location inside a polytunnel where climate conditions are monitored to optimise vegetable growing. One location in a wood store where climate conditions are monitored to ensure the wood is stored in optimum conditions. Also monitoring the water level in a water tank used for watering the vegetables.

Click here to see the case study data

AI Temperature Prediction

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict the temperature using weather forecast data. The location where the temperature is predicted and monitored is the same as from the other case study, the Southampton Woodstore.

Click here to see the case study data


Our extensive testing ensures the correct sizing of the solar panel and battery to enable your sensor to collect data throughout the winter darkness

  • What would you like to measure and do you already have a sensor in mind?
    How frequently would you like to record the data? (Currently we work on minute timescales, normally >5 minute frequencies. If you would like to record on millisecond/second timescales we can work with you)
    Where can the device be positioned (shade or sun)?

  • Safety critical applications: As a small operation, unfortunately we cannot provide solutions for safety critical applications.
    Theft: Please consider the security of the devices. Replacement SolBatCom devices and sensors can be provided, they will be cheaper than the originals as less engineering should be required.

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Bespoke Sensor Applications

Primarily based in Southampton, UK, we have associates throughout the UK. We are keen to work throughout the world in the future. Please get in touch.

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